Idiot’s Guide to Baking – How to not mess it up?

Looking for a comprehensive guide to help you learn to bake like a pro? Your search ends today. Here’s what our team of experts have in store for you.

If you like to bake or want to get into baking there is one thing you need to understand, you cannot be cheap. Baking essentially involves combination or mixing of many ingredients and it takes practice & proper knowledge to get them right.

These days many companies are offering cheaper products like baking chocolate, which supposedly make the baking process a lot easier. Well, they don’t. And this is the first thing you need to understand if you don’t want to mess it up.

Apart from this, there are certain crucial points or things that you need to take care of. We have compiled the top 5 tips that you will need to bake like a pro and more importantly to not mess it up. Here it goes –

Tip 1 – The exact quantity

The first mistake that home cooks make is not using the precise quantity of ingredients. “A little bit of extra sugar won’t do any damage”, well it does.

It can completely spoil the taste or composition of your dish. If you are referring to a guide or a recipe it is advised to follow that to the point. This means if says use 2 cups of flour, then that means two cups of flour.

Protip – Measurements can be a bit deceiving while following online recipes, as a cup size in America is slightly different than that in the United Kingdom. So check the origin of the recipe before making your measurements.


Tip 2 – Room Temperature Butter & Eggs provide big result

One of the trade secrets of the baking industry is to use eggs kept at room temperature, before adding them to the batter. Most home cooks believe that since eventually everything is heated once it goes to an oven, an egg taken out from a refrigerator will do the same job as a room temperature egg.

When you store an egg in colder conditions the composition of molecules change and this alters the taste. Although the difference is small, it will be significant when you actually do it.

Tip 3 – Mix it thoroughly

Once the mixture is prepared you need to mix it properly. If you don’t do so, lumps will be created. You need to make sure that every portion of the batter is reached and the bottom of the bowl is free from flour. Doing all this, is not entirely possible by hands, so it is advisable to get a stand mixer to do the job for you.


Tip 4 – Follow the recipe step by step

Sometimes home cooks tend to skip the instructions mentioned in the recipe and try to rush through the process. If you are creaming the butter, and the recipe strictly states that add eggs one at a time, then don’t add all the eggs at once.

If you want a prime aerated cream then you should not skip ahead and follow every single step.

Tip 5 – Adjusting with oven heat

This step takes a little practice. Most recipes don’t prescribe the exact oven temperature. This is because most ovens vary in strength and heat dissipation. Keep an eye on your batter once it is the oven

ProtipIt is best to heat the oven to the minimum prescribed temperature. After that check the mixture after every two minutes.


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