Can Baking Lead to less Stress? Here’s your answer

can baking help reduce stress?

Is stress the root problem of your life? Did you know baking can help? Here’s why you need to take up baking right now.

We all in this day & age, we all go through some form of stress every day. It is a known medical fact that stress can have a direct impact on your health. Well today, we have some good news for you.

Recent studies have shown that cooking can actually help in reducing stress. Sounds absurd right? Cooking helps you take mind off things. In some ways, it works like meditation. While you are meditating you are essentially focusing on your breath, or yourself, and this helps to ignore your concerns. Cooking does the same for you.

Furthermore, activities like baking, take your attention level a step further and can prove to be highly effective to combat stress. Today we share Top 5 reasons as to how baking can be your perfect companion against stress.

Repetition is the Key

When meditation, you are told to focus on your breath continuously. You are essentially focusing on a repetitive task i.e. breathing. Similarly, while baking you engage in many repetitive tasks too. Whisking eggs, adding sugar and butter, keeps your mind away from those negative tasks.

Good Ol’ memories

Right from your childhood, your mind tends to associate few things with positivity. The holiday season is accompanied by the smell of the flour or the sound of the blender. All these are hard-wired into your brain as ‘happy memories’.

So when you start mixing flour or power up the blender, a powerful chemical known as endorphin is released. Endorphins help reducing pain and in a way initiate positivity in your mind.

Attention to Detail

Sometimes delicate things like frosting require extreme concentration. Those scrumptious cupcakes or those fluffy layers of cake require attention to detail. This again frees your mind from negative thoughts.

Also if you like to experiment with your dish, or try out some new recipes, then this boosts the creative side of your brain, and a significant drop in stress levels is observed.

So next time you feel a bit overwhelmed, power up your mixer, and start baking.

Those Happy Faces

Nothing beats the joy, of seeing the faces of your friends & family light up after eating your food. And if you pair your dishes, with healthy ingredients, your ‘feel-good’ level goes over the moon.

Sense of Fulfillment

Finally, when you savor your dessert, a sense of fulfillment engulfs your body. You worked hard for your dish, and it’s time to enjoy it.

So, if stress seems to weigh you down, lift your spirits up, by baking that delicious cake.


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